cpm offers quality used injection molding equipment, auxiliary lines of dryers, loaders, temperature controlers along with custom manufactured screws and barrels. central plastic machinery
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toyo injection molding machines
si-ii series injection molding machines
introducing the new si-ii series

the new 日韩欧美无码在线0si-ii series 日韩欧美无码在线1presents extraordinary versatility for your molding 日韩欧美无码在线2requirements with long lasting accuracy and durability for high 国产大片高清在线观看3cycle operation.

just arrived

the new h2-series !

the new h2-series features the totally integrated plcs-11 programmable logic control system. available systems 110 to 500 ton.

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si-ii series injection molding machine h2-series injection molding machine tt-series injection molding machine plcs-9 programmable logic control system plcs-10 programmable logic control system special machine and process
si-ii series h2-series tt-series plcs-9 plcs-10 process
fully electric
35 thru 750 ton
hydraulic toggle
110 thru 500 ton
vertical clamp
55 thru 150 ton
logic control

si-ii series
programmable logic control system


multi-shot; mucell
lim; mim; cd-dvd
die cast machine